The Executive Director of Zambia Bureau of Standards Mr. Manuel Mutale visited KAIZEN Institute of Zambia on 4th June 2020. He congratulated management

and members of staff for the good work they are doing in promoting KAIZEN (continuous improvement) in both private and public organistions. Mr. Mutale

also acknowledged KiZ passion for building a strong foundation for transformation of the country. He also encouraged KiZ management and

staff not to be discouraged during this Covid-19 period.



KAIZEN is the belief that small changes over time can create huge life changes.
Do small improvements daily and walk your way to a happier life


Ms. Radha Nair, a Business Excellence Resource person from Singapore shared with the Conference participants how to achieve Excellence in businesses and Organizations. She stated that in order to achieve excellence, the head of an organization must have a Vision, strategy, be of high Integrity and ensure that employees create value for Customers. She added that a Leader must drive Innovation, develop organizational capability and value partners, Further, a leader must ensure that employees are empowered to contribute to the growth of organisation.