Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister, Hon. Christopher Yaluma says Zambians should be more creative, innovative and find cost-effective ways of doing business if the nation has to develop.

Mr. Yaluma has also described the KAIZEN philosophy as the most appropriate methodology for Zambia because it used human friendly tools to identify and solve work-related problems.

The Minister said the philosophy promoted the judicious use of resources and eliminating waste.

He was speaking at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka, on Thursday March 18, when he opened the 2021 National KAIZEN Conference which was held under the theme “Weathering Zambia’s Economic Downturn through Enhanced Low-Cost Interventions”

He said the use of the KAIZEN Philosophy would also enable the nation mitigate the impact of national debt.

“By focusing on waste elimination, we are reducing expenditure,” he said.

Mr. Yaluma noted that Zambia will only be able to grow its economy and generate prosperity for its people if it focused on cost-effectiveness as the basis for doing business.

“KAIZEN is helping business to change the way we conduct business in order to boost commerce, improve quality by focusing in low-cost interventions that use workers personal creativity and ingenuity to identify and solve work problems to enhance competitive positions,” he said.

Mr Yaluma implored KiZ and other organisations promoting excellence in business to double their efforts in ensuring that all citizens were informed about KAIZEN so that they can also participate in the journey to excellence.