Mr. ISHIDA Masa, the new Project Formulation Advisor at JICA and Ms. SAKAMOTO Yukiko, the Health Advisor, on Thursday March 25, visited KAIZEN Institute of Zambia Limited (KiZ) offices along Cairo Road in Lusaka, to familiarize themselves with staff and to check on the Covid-19 preventive measures the institute has implemented.

During the meeting, Mr. Mwitwa requested for a meeting with JICA Chief Resident Representative to discuss the challenges foreseen in implementation of the short-term Consultants Skills Training and possibility of extending the period to ensure proper finalization of outstanding activities. In response, Mr. ISHIDA assured that JICA would continue supporting KiZ in a different way beyond Phase II, such as attachment of senior volunteers because it felt that KiZ might be in a position to stand alone.

After the meeting, Ms. SAKAMOTO briefed KiZ staff on some key work place Covid-19 prevention measures they needed to observe. Mr. Mwitwa has just recovered from the Covid-19 infection.