1.1 KAIZEN Theme should support or connect to management policy and directions and also to solve work area issues and concerns.  
1.2 KAIZEN activities target (KPI: Key Performance Indicator), due date, person in charge and how to do the activities should be stated in Action Plan before taking actions.

 Current Situation ( Before taking KAIZEN activities) Should be clearly described by actual Measurement data

2.2  Current Situation fact data should be analysed logically to find root cause of the problem
2.3  Deep root cause analysis repeating Why, Why, Why
2.4  Data analysis tools (Basic tools are QC 7 tools) are used in data analysis before and after
3.1  Problem solution ideas and action plans should be discussed by the team and all hands together
3.2  Technical and scientific depth in solution ideas are required
3.3  Teamwork and Cooperation among the members are required to make mutual development possible
4.1 Effect of KAIZEN activities should be measured by using the same technics and tools as before the actions
4.2 PDCA Cyclic activities are required. Continuous KAIZEN Activities and effort are required
5.1 KAIZEN result should be standardized and measureable. If is not measureable it could not be controlled.
5.2 Standards set as the result of KAIZEN activities. should be applied in similar business process widely.
6.1 KAIZEN programme is human asset development programme. Technical skill and business operation skill might be developed through KAIZEN project.
6.2 KAIZEN programme is also organization development programme. Teamwork of the circle members and contribution to the organization should be discussed.
6.3 KAIZEN is continuous activities. Continuity is the power. PDCA cyclic activities should continued.
6.4 Coordination to promote KAIZEN programme company wide is required. Management and staff involvement in the programme is to be discussed.
7.0 Good structure of presentation story and easy word selection 
7.1 Time management is a key of Quality Control.
7.3 Questions and answers are good training for mutual development.