KAIZEN Consultant level 2 training
KAIZEN Consultant Training Level 2 by the KAIZEN Institute of Zambia Limited (KIZ), started in Lusaka today. It will go up to the 10th December 2020.
This is second in the KiZ KAIZEN Training and Certification Programme, conducted in partnership with Japanese Training Instructors. It is designed for people who desire to become Continuous Improvement Professionals and is intended to equip them with the necessary skills to help organisations enhance their competitiveness, eliminate process waste, motivate workers to solve problems and engender a culture of Continuous Improvement.
The first stage of the four-level training programme, took place on November 19 to 20 at the KIZ’s Kwacha House Annex office, in Lusaka, and was participated in by representatives from the University of Zambia (UNZA), Strongpak Limited, Kafue Steel Industry, TATA Zambia Limited, two freelancers, and five new KIZ staff.
The training, which was officially opened by the Chief Executive Officer Chola Mwitwa, oriented the participants on the Evolution of Quality and Productivity Management, Scientific Management, Theory of Constraint, the origin of KAIZEN, the 5S Methodology, and the Quality Control Circle (QCC) Theory and Practice.
The KAIZEN Consultant Training goes up to Level 4 to complete the Programme and be fully Certified.