Team Six (6) of ITC

The Industrial Training Centre (ITC) was established in 1986 through a Government to Government agreement between the Republic of Zambia and the Federal Republic of Germany. The company’s mission is to Provide Professional Industrial Technical Training and Consultancy which equips students with cutting-edge knowledge skills and innovation to meet national and regional requirements. At this year’s 2020 National KAIZEN Conference,

Team Six (6) Presented a project on Reducing the vehicle breakdown time to improve operational productivity. The project focus was to “Reduce the vehicle breakdown time”. In order to achieve the objective, the Continuous Improvement team; established a preventive maintenance schedule, renewed vehicle maintenance workflow, shared maintenance workflow and established new channels with car manufactures.

The intangible benefits after implementing the KAIZEN Project included; Developed organizational teamwork, developed technical skills and problem-solving skills, and all members of staff can stand on the same understanding of “Customer Satisfaction is Priority NO.1”. The tangible benefits from the project include reduced vehicle breakdown time from 22days to 5 days and many others.