Zamwood Furnishers Limited is a company whose core business is manufacturing and processing of wood products such as doors and is located along Mosi O Tunya road in Livingstone.

At the 2020 National KAIZEN Conference this year, Team Wood one of the continuous improvement teams at Zamwood Furnishers presented a project on reducing in-process delivery time from 3.5 Hrs. to 2 Hrs. by December 2019. This project aimed at Eliminating non-value adding activities in the production process in order to reduce in-process delivery time and increase production volume. Under this project, the Team came up with initiatives aimed at improving material handling, 5S (work Place organisation), preventive maintenance, and quality control.

After the project, the benefits to the company from this project were; In-process delivery time reduction from 3:5Hrs to 2:16Hrs. Some of the intangible benefits include improved communication, morale, and motivation among others.