Ambassador of Japan to Zambia, His Excellency Ryuta Mizuuchi has applauded the KAIZEN Institute of Zambians for fostering the practice of KAIZEN in Zambia. He further urged Zambians practicing KAIZEN to continue broadening their knowledge on how to improve as KAIZEN cannot remain the only guiding principle for industries and businesses to survive.

Mr. Mizuuchi further stated that he was impressed with what KiZ is doing when he visited the Institute last week. He added that after having a chat with the KiZ Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Chola Mwitwa, he agrees with him that in order to improve the performance of the Zambian Industry, people should not shy away from challenging the status quo.

The Ambassador further emphasised on how Zambians need to work towards being competitive if Zambia has to developed like other countries as new technologies are emerging every day.

He said this when he delivered his remarks at the 2020 National KAIZEN Conference. The Conference was held under the theme “Getting more for Less through Quality Control Circles.”