Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Christopher Yaluma said Government is impressed with KAIZEN’S approach as it is an appropriate methodology for the promotion of firm productivity and competitiveness which is achieved through the creativity and ingenuity of workers to identify and solve work related problems. He added that in order to achieve our development aspirations, we need to change our mindset so as to boost Commerce, improve Quality, reduce cost and to enhance our competitiveness.

Honorable Yaluma stated that countries that embraced kaizen early, such as Singapore, have been able to leapfrog their development journey and are now among the world’s leading developed countries. he therefore urged staff of the KiZ and other organisations promoting excellence in business to learn from Singapore and own Zambia’s journey towards excellence.

Government has indicated that it will endeavour to create an environment in which the culture of continuous improvement will be promoted. Our Country needs to produce more for both domestic and international markets as both markets require that businesses produce quality and competitive goods. The Minister challenged the KAIZEN Institute of Zambia limited and other organisations driving Zambia’s competitiveness to improve their kaizen adding that the capacity to raise our standard of living depends on our ability to raise output per worker.

This was contained in a speech delivered on his behalf by Ministry of Commerce Permanent Secretary, Mushuma Mulenga at the 2020 National KAIZEN Conference.

The Conference was held under the theme “Getting more for Less through Quality Control Circles.”