The 2020 National Kaizen Conference is ongoing at the Mulungushi international conference Centre. The Conference is being held under the theme “Getting More for less Through Quality Control Circles

15 Teams have so far Presented their Improvement projects. We wish the remaining teams all the best.

Ms. Radha Nair Business Excellence Resource Person from Singapore sharing Singapore’s journey towards excellence in particular the role of consultants and other members of staff on Business Excellence. She also talked about the Seven (7) Pillars of Business Excellence. Ms. Radha Nair Will be the key Speaker at the 2020 National Kaizen Conference tomorrow.

KiZ Staff with His Excellency The Ambassador of Japan to Zambia ( front left)

The Ambassador of Japan to Zambia, His Excellency Mr. Ryuta Mizuuchi visited KiZ yesterday to familiarize himself with the activities of the institution and appreciate the work being done. He stated that Zambia has  potential for improvement and compared her current position to East Asian countries that were in a similar position a few years ago but are now developed. The Ambassador underscored the need for establishment of key industries and improving efficiency in service delivery especially in the public sector as some of the improvement areas that can help Zambia leapfrog in her development journey.

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