Our KAIZEN Concept


The Institute is implementing KAIZEN in Zambia which is based on the concept of the “Golden Triangle” of KAIZEN which is anchored on three pillars namely:

  1. QC Circles (Gemba KAIZEN)
  2. Standardisation through ISO Quality Management System and
  3. Total Quality Management

The concept of the “Golden Triangle” of KAIZEN is meant to make Zambian organisations aspire for excellence by implementing internationally recognized standards of quality or best practices and have a competitive advantage in regional and international markets.


Our KAIZEN Concept 1

TQM (Total Quality Management)

3S Management (Strategy, Structure, System)
HOUSHIN TENKAI/KANRI (Policy deployment & management)
MVP (Management Vitalization Programme)
PM (People Management)
Deming Prize Challenge

QCC (Quality Control Circle)

QCC Control Office
QCC Fundamentals Training
GEMBA QCC Promotion
QCC Management Review
Internal & External QCC Conference
ICQCC (International Convention on QCC)
Our KAIZEN Concept 1


SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) Documentation
CS (Corporate Standard) Documentation
ISO 9001 Challenge & certification
Quality Management System Compliance Management


TQM (Total Quality Management)

A top management-driven structured approach to overall organizational management with focus to improve the quality of an organization's outputs, including goods and services, through continual improvement of internal practices.



Gemba is the actual workplace; Gemba KAIZEN = workplace improvement

Gemba is important for any organisation:

  • Where work is done
  • Where value is created
  • Where Human Asset is assigned by management to realise its dream
  • Where problems are identified, owned and solved


Standardisation is the process of developing and implementing standards. A Standard is the best, safest and easiest way, to achieve and maintain a defined quality level. QCC achievements, once proven as best, should be standardised, thus becoming best standard practice.  

ISO is International Organization for Standardisation, an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations and the world's largest developer of voluntary international standards that provides common standards among nations.