Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

To provide training and consultancy in quality and productivity improvement for business excellence.


Vision Statement

To become a Centre of Excellence in promoting quality and productivity improvement by providing high value adding services by 2022.


Our Values

  1. Integrity
    • Operate professionally and ethically
    • Be open and honest with each other
    • Respect everyone and value each other’s contribution
  2. Excellence
    • Work towards the highest level of service and satisfaction
    • Use agile methods and seek innovative solutions to add value
    • Continually improve and adopt best practices
  3. Teamwork
    • Encourage staff and volunteers to work together
    • Recognise the value of talented individuals working in teams
    • Be collaborative and partner with other organisations
  4. Continuous Improvement
    • Employee demonstrates awareness and understanding of the organisation’s aims and objectives
    • Throughout the organisation, staff engage proactively in incremental improvement
    • The learning of individuals and groups is captured and deployed
  5. Continuous Learning
    • Staff displays an open, curious, non-judgmental attitude regarding differences of opinion
    • Staff demonstrates self-reflection and solicits feedback from others regarding performance
    • Staff shows interest and pursues appropriate learning activities that fulfil self-development/learning needs