2018 National KAIZEN Conference
Grand Champions
KiZ with the customer
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KiZ with the customer
Gemba Observation
2020 National KAIZEN Conference
Grand Champions

KAIZEN Institute of Zambia Limited

KAIZEN Management and Consultants

KiZ, through its Japanese trained Consultants, is able to offer a range of services working directly with with your organisation to implement. KAIZEN programme and support your KAIZEN activities to solve problems and promote excellence.

Our Services

The KAIZEN Institute of Zambia Limited (KiZ) provides the following

We deliver improvement programmes from the shop floor to the board room working alongside the organisations staff at their place of work.

Our intervention methodology is to deliver small packets of theory that are then applied in practice where staff can learn by doing.

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KAIZEN Quote of the Day

KAIZEN is the belief that small changes over time can create huge life changes.
Do small improvements daily and walk your way to a happier life



Ms. Radha Nair, a Business Excellence Resource person from Singapore shared with the Conference participants how to achieve Excellence in businesses and Organizations. She stated that in order to achieve excellence, the head of an organization must have a Vision, strategy, be of high Integrity and ensure that employees create value for Customers. She added that a Leader must drive Innovation, develop organizational capability and value partners, Further, a leader must ensure that employees are empowered to contribute to the growth of organisation.
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